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Mathew Bench

Mathew Bench

I thought I would take a moment to point out the exceptional talent of a friend of mine, Dave Stine, who crafted the desk I work at every day. (The style is now called the Della Monica desk, in fact.)

Dave Stine Woodworking takes green, high-end custom furniture to the extreme, by personally selecting each tree, felling it, milling it, then choosing the right board for the right client. Every piece is absolutely singular and extraordinary. Each is a one-of-a-kind work of art, functional and beautiful. For those who want singular, green, live edge, furniture, Dave Stine Woodworking is exemplary. He works directly with each client to create for them an extraordinary piece of furniture that will last a lifetime.

Stine also lives and breathes the green ethos, by running his shop and home in an eco-friendly, sustainable manner (they run their vehicles on used vegetable oil, he stewards the land himself to ensure sustainability, he uses only dead or culled trees, they raise their own meat, poultry, fruits and vegetables, etc.).

To learn more please go to the Stine Woodworking website.