Do you have to have an art collection to become a client of LPDM Fine Art Consulting?

While some LPDM clients have advanced art collections and are quite knowledgeable about what they buy other clients are first-time art buyers seeking to begin a collection. Oftentimes people retain an art consultant to act as a “personal curator” to help them take their existing works of art and develop an art collection by editing and adding to their existing pieces to form a consistent and cohesive group of artwork. My goal is always to introduce clients to something special and to teach them about it so that they develop a level of comfort with and knowledge about the works they purchase.

What is the process for hiring an art consultant?

The first step is for those interested in buying art to contact LPDM and explain his/her specific needs. We generally have an initial in-person meeting with clients to determine taste, areas of interest and to see what kind of art a client enjoys and wishes to purchase. LPDM is based in New York, but is flexible if travel is required. For those clients who are farther afield we often proceed by telephone and email/mail. LPDM then enters into confidential art advisory contracts with clients. Then the fun part begins… shopping for the art! LPDM makes purchase recommendations to clients and then handles all aspects of the transactions.

Do you represent specific artists?

I represent art buyers and collectors rather than specific artists. I do not hold inventory, and I do not direct art buyers to specific works of art or artists with whom I have business arrangements. My clients collect a variety of different things from contemporary art to American paintings to sculpture to 20th Century decorative arts.  Therefore, I work as a generalist and respond to my clients’ specific collecting needs.  I am not bound by the restrictions of my inventory or to the available works of any one artist. Think of me as a buyers’ broker for art, if you will.

I am an artist. What is the best way for me to introduce you to my work?

LPDM is happy to look at submissions from artists in the event the works are a good match for an existing client or perhaps might work for a future project. The easiest way to do this is to send LPDM an email with images attached or with a link to your website.

Is it best to hire a local art consultant?

It is not necessary to hire a local art consultant as this field, like interior design for example, is a general one and each project is different regardless of the geography involved. You should hire the best art consultant for you and your interests rather than focusing on hiring say, a California art consultant or a Connecticut art advisor. However, if you are interested in collecting specifically local artwork, you should hire someone who is either familiar with the regional artists or is willing to travel. Some markets, however, such as New York City, are dense and may be best handled by a local art consultant or one who has connections and experience in that particular geographic area.

I am interested in becoming an art consultant. Do you have any advice?

The best advice I have for potential job seekers or aspiring art consultants is that you need to have some practical experience in the art world before you can become an art advisor. You need to know how galleries and auction houses work before you can advise a collector on how to best spend their money on artwork. Being an art advisor or art consultant involves a great deal more than simply having good taste or an interest in art. I would suggest you work towards a broad exposure to the inner workings of the art world and then try to pursue art consulting.

How do you charge?

My fees depend upon the specific circumstances of each project. For more information please contact LPDM to discuss your art consulting needs, and we will tailor a program that is right for you.

Do you do corporate as well as private art projects?

Yes. LPDM primarily works with private collectors purchasing works of art for their homes. In addition, LPDM has placed artwork in a number of country clubs as well and has experiences ranging from placing a single piece to an entire collection in clubs.

If you have any other questions that are not answered here please email us or call 917-697-0591.