PBS’s series Art:21 on art in the twenty-first century has run for four seasons, beginning in 2001 and continuing in 2003, 2005 and 2007, and has covered 72 varied contemporary artists and their work. Divided into episodes according to conceptual themes such as Place, Spirituality, Identity and Consumption (the 2001 episodes) the shows each examine the work of four to five artists and feature the artists themselves discussing their artmaking processes and particular works in progress. It is a rare opportunity to spend 15 minutes with each artist, viewing that artist in his/her own environment and hearing each one speak of herself/himself, without the filter of a gallery or museum’s presentation of the work in an austere exhibition space. Often we associate images or specific works of art with an artist, but this series also allows us to learn more of the personality behind the work and to get a feel for who created it. Each episode also features humorous introductions created by a well-known artist and a celebrity, such as Steve Martin and William Wegman or Barbara Kruger and John McEnroe in Season 1. All four seasons are available on DVD format and are a great way to learn about artists both familiar and lesser known in an easy to watch and visually interesting program.