A Must See

One of the best museum exhibits going right now is at the Neue Galerie, a museum of German and Austrian art, at Fifth Avenue & 86th Street in Manhattan. The show, Van Gogh and Expressionism, runs through July 2, 2007. For more information please see the museum’s website: www.neuegalerie.org

The exhibit focuses on the influence of Vincent Van Gogh on German and Austrian Expressionism embodied by artists such as Emil Nolde, Egon Schiele, Wassily Kandinsky, Karl Schmidt-rotluff, Gustav Klimt, Ernst Ludwig Kirchner and Otto Dix. Alongside classic Van Gogh landscapes, interior scenes and portraits are some less famous but equally impressive examples of painting of the early 20th Century.

Some of the artwork will be easily recognizable and others will be new to most visitors, so there is an opportunity for everyone to learn something new. The curators of this exhibition have borrowed many works in this show from private collections and museums worldwide, providing viewers with a rare opportunity and access to these masterpieces. Don’t miss it.