Anything But Still

In the July issue of American Art Collector Lauren Della Monica
examines Massachusetts artist Katherine Ann Hartley’s paintings. 

Anything But Still: Katherine Ann Hartley’s richly suggestive
still life paintings hover in time but are grounded in place.

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Not To Be Missed

You must stop by the Michael Rosenfeld Gallery at 24 West 57th Street by February 27th to see a phenomenal exhibition of paintings by Charles Seliger.  The exhibition, Charles Seliger (1926-2009): A Memorial Exhibition, highlights Seliger’s incredibly unique and seductive style and his obvious love for his work.  The meticulous application of materials in the paintings and their engaging colors make them hard to resist on a purely visual level while the abstract content acts as a natural pull.  The exhibition is an appropriate tribute to a great man.

Reviews of Flying the Colors

The Autumn/Winter issue of Antiques and Fine Art Magaizine raves “the scholarship and amount of information presented earns Flying the Colors a place on the bookshelf of anyone even remotely interested in the subject” and the material presented “is easily accessible to both the novice and seasoned enthusiast of maritime art.”

Art historian John Wilmerding writes “not since the first major publication on this subject over three decades ago… have we seen such a magisterial visual survey of the field.”

“A salt breeze lifts these pages,” writes Laura Beach for Antiques and the Arts Online.

“This book is one great leap to a fuller appreciation of American marine art,” writes A.J. Peluso, Jr.  in Maine Antique Digest.